Cool treats


I want my DIMM Tv 

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."

Turn it on, leave it on!

America! Demand your DIMM TV!

Too much is never enough.

"Nasty"- The Damned

 -Haunted Creepys Cover-

A music video from Drive-In Movie Maniacs Season 2 Finale.

Our tribute to The Young Ones classic "NASTY" episode and the late great Rik Mayall.

Tim and his cohorts find themselves in the sights of a hungry vampire sent anonymously through the postal service. HATE MAIL!

View the original Young Ones "NASTY" episode here ⬇

4th of July 2015

Lenexa Community Days Parade.

Tim and Midnight Rose joined by Ghost Coach and Frank Frankenstein II and his daughter. 

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