Drive In Movie Maniacs Interviews

*WARNING* - Some interviews contain strong language and content.

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Jerry "The King" Lawler

WWE Superstar to Commentator and Public Icon, we interview Jerry Lawler.



We interview the "creator" of the so called witch-house music

genre, Travis Egedy along with friend DJ DogDick.


Bob Walkenhorst

Lead Singer of the band The Rainmakers.


All the way from Strömstad, Sweden on their first american tour, We

interview the Whiplasher and Skinny from Deathstars. 


Jeff East

 From playing the iconic Superman (as a teen) to fighting Pumpkinhead itself, We interview actor Jefferey East.

Chris Harms

of Lord of the Lost

All the way from Hamburg, Germany on their first american tour we

interview Chris Harms, lead singer of Lord of the Lost. 


from RUN-DMC

You know him from RUN-DMC, we interview Darryl "DMC" McDaniels and

friend Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez.

Marlena Midnite

of Midnite Mausoleum

We interview horror hostess with the mostess Marlena Midnite.


Doug Jones

From Hocus Pocus, Hell Boy to Pans Labyrinth and many more, we interview Doug Jones

Fred "The Hammer" Williamson

Legendary Chiefs Player turned actor from the blaxploitation era and a little movie called From Dusk Till Dawn, we interivew Fred Williamson.

James Duval

From Independence Day, Donny Darko, GO! to Doom Generation and many more, we interview James Duval.

William Forsythe

From Raising Arizona, Dick Tracey, Boardwalk Empire and many more, We interview actor William Forsythe.

Sid haig

From Spider Baby, THX 1138, Foxy Brown, and of course Captain Spaulding himself and many more, We interview actor Sid Haig. 

Bai Ling

From The Crow, Crank, The Key and many more, We interview actor Bai Ling.

Nero Bellum

From Psyclon Nine

We interview Nero Bellum, lead singer of Psyclon Nine.

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